Staged homes sell faster and for more money

Home Stagging

Deciding to have your home Staged may be one of the most important considerations as you begin the process of selling your home. It may be tempting to sell “as is.” However, statistics show that Staged homes fare better in the marketplace than similar unstaged homes. In considering all factors, Staging will give you an edge for securing your asking price. The cost of Staging is small when compared to the return it will bring and it’s always less than a price reduction. Once the decision to sell has been made, every home seller strives to have the home sell quickly. A home that sits on the market over time loses appeal and costs money. Staging is a proven marketing tool that will work for any home regardless of size, style, or location. Our Staging professional, interior designer will help transform your home into a viable product giving you the best advantage for a quick sale at your asking price.

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